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" a bizarre prrtest in texas.... why some are offended by a chair hanginn from a tree. and the obama campaign the backlash over changes made to this american flag. 3 --adblib weather tz-- house preparing or another roond of anti-american protests.. as marianne rafferty reports, the u-s government has closed somm diplomatic outposts overseas and started an advertising campaign against the film ttat sparked the unrest. 3 outrage continues in a number of muslimmcountries after an anti-islam video was released on the internet... now - the u-s government has released a video of it's own... obama nats: "since our founding, the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others." the 30 second ad has networks, potentially reaching an audience of 90 million people. also appearing state hillary clinton.clinton nats: "... the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video.... officials hope the p-s-a denouncing the anti muslim movie will quell some of the tension... especially as thousand
of remembrance. president obama and first lady michelle obama bowing their heads in prayer...joining all americans mourning those who perished.. many of those mourners...relatives of the victims. just as ii years past they read their loved ones names aloud, for everyone to hear.(nats)i wish you could see how big dylan proud you would be of them. - (nats) my uncle....we miss you. at the pentagon...the commander in chief recalling the events of the day.obama says: "there &pwere rides to school and commutes to work, early flights, and familiar routines, quick hugs, and quiet moments. ittwas a day &plike this one - a clear blue sky but a sky that would soon be filled with clouds of smoke and prayers offa nation shaken to its core." and in pennsylvania, vice president joe biden ..... from shanksville to afghanistan... the worst terror attack in u-s history - on the minds of all. general john allen taking the time too reaffirm the u-s' committent to the war on terror.allen that day, there should be no - doubt that our dedication tot his commitment ....remains strong a
, and a big signntwenty dollars." the barack obama punching bag../ . the toy stirring up controversy.. and the reason some find it offensive. a man's dying wish is the talk to buried in a budweiser aked - casket. 3 --adlib weather tz-- with... --adlib wwather tz-- 3 3asket. a budweiser casket. - 3 the... conventions.... over...// it's... time... to move forward..../ as... jennifer davis... reports, ../ ..../ president... obama... and... mitt romney.... are... miles apart... on... the major issues...'/, but... very 3lose... on the campaign map...3 president barack obama and mitt romney are done baskinn in the adoration of convention crowds. so noo that the celebrations are over...what comes next?sabato says: "it is going to be a whirlwind for the final two months of the campaign ann every day there will be thousands and thousands of advertisements aired throughout america, you will have every kind of political activity known to man." romney's camp kicked off a multi-million dollar ad buy friday - million romney', republicaa pice- presidential candiddte obama to the refs who called 16-25"it is tiie to get the real refs..and you know what? it reminds me of president can't ggt ittright itts time to get ut.." unionnref's have been ocked out since june....when their pontract expired. jeff abeel, fox 44 news at five. here'ss.. our quession of the day.are ...the... fl replacement refs... season? . pro football go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you phink.../. sound... off... ttru... facebook.../. send... us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimoree../. text... your answer to ...45-203..../ enter... fox45a for yes.. / fox45b for no. annaane arundel countyywoman arrested on heft ccarres. tonight onnfox 45 news at 5:30... the big surprise police found inside her hotel room. a schhol prinnipal uuder scrutiny after hisspunishment of two female students..hat the punishment was and what the school boarddis doing 3&president ooama and mitt rommey are crossing paths in the run up to tteir fiist debate... coming up. 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3 anncr
... nominate ... pressdent barack obama.../ as... theii... party candidate.../tomorrow... presiddnt obama... and... vice president expected to accept... the nominations. po.../ how... ádidá... governor o'malley... do... with... his convention speechh. towson... university professor... of rhetoric... richard vatz.... 22:27:18-22:27:34"i think in thh speech he went over the top. he used language like how many hungry kids can we afford not to feed, that rommey loves millionaires, &pthat he hates regular citizens. i think that this is not the position thaa a man who looks for a futurrein thee democratic party wants to take." take."22::8:01-22:28:18the quesion is, 'was it a misttke which is going to hurt hhs future? generally speaking, unless you really embarrass yourself, i don't think he really embarrassed himsellf i &pthink the important thing is having a position, giving a -3 speech at the democratic national convention." convention."to... hear... governor o'malley's ...entire speech.../ about... the election.../ p go... to... fox-baltimore dot com.../ click...
..../ what... they want first lady michelle obama ii ammng the highlights of the opening night of the democratic nation conventton. pool crasher.what crews needed to use to get this deer out of one man's pool. --adblib weather tz-- the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at first ady michhele obama -- preparing for her big speech... as the three-day- democratic nattonal convention officially kicks off. off. you are looking live at the time warner cable arena in charlotte, north carolina. delegates aree stteaming in for the evening's activities. expected to speak tonight... governor martin o'malley. the keynote speaker... first lady michelle obama. craig boswell ii in charlotte ttnightt. with the la
president obama president obama visits areas last week's storm left behind plenty of damage... and a big clean-up job.for some... they'll have to rebuilddfor the second time in 7 years... when hurricane katrina hit. homeland security secretary janettnapolitano visited the area on sunday... we will stay until this recovery is complete. we are here to be part of a team, part of the team here in louisiana and make ure that hurricane isaac is put to rest, as soon as we can to all of those affecttd.we know thaa this is a big, big, tough it together.e'll work through - together.mitt romney visittd the area on thousands of people are still without power. good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.. jeff barnd is off tonight.a man is dead tonight after a llte morning shooting. paul gessler just got back from the east baltimore neighborhood.paul-- jennifer, i just got off the phone with baltimore citt police, who tell me the victim died at the hospital this afternoon.neighbors say the victim was a teenaged boy. but, poliie say he is in his early 20s.the shooting happened
debateepresident obama andd mitt romney are racking uppthe miles across ohio. 3 &p --adblibbweather tz-- krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. a... new report ...on... air safety... finds... ssme alarming n. numbers.the... nee york times... reportt../ shows piiots... facee collisions... more on the ground... // than... the airr..//.in... fact... each day... /// a.... vehicce... winds up... on... an... active runnay... by áaccidentá... 3 timms.../. more... than... 1000---imee... year. boyd sayss the one thousand pumber
... with president obama... in colombia.../.of... the... 13 agentssimplicated in the scandal.../ 9 ... resigned.... or... are being fired...// the... other four... were cleared.. and returned to duty. 3 early voting for the presiddntial election... has already begun.ballots are now in the mail... and could arrive any day this least a third of all oters are expected to lock in their choice early this year.the elections will take place on november 6th. for the rest of days the romney campaign is beatinn a path through colorado and ohio - the presiient is also in the buckeye state later this week after meeeings at the united nations. nations.the white house says president obama's trip to the uuited nations general assembly is a hance to address muslim unrest.he's &ptaking some heat for no scheduled bilateral meetings "today" and instead tappng an interview with the ladies of the view.mister obama and his republican rival mitt romney traded foreign policy jabs got in a shot on the economy.o "ann, you know, the problem-- that governor romneyyhas is one note-- tax cuts for the wea" wealthy.
'm the pennsylvanna has not been in the op presidential column in nearly a quarter century and president obama continues to lead theee. as for the bigger picture - a new fox news pool shows f the election were hell ttday 44- percent of likely voters would biden ttcket whhle 3 suppoot the romney - paul ryan team. obama says: "the question is who's plan issbetter for yoo." campaiin cash is on president obama''sagenda today fundraisers in and around waahington.boswell says (oncam tag): "mitt romney heads to booton for a fundraiser thhs evening hen the focus turns to deeate prrps over the plso scheduled to hold debate - first of three debates is the wednesday in denver. in washington craig boswell fox news." there's a possible deeelooment in the decades-old mystery of what happened to labor strrngman jimmy hoffa. ttday, policeeare digging into rrmains of the teamster boss e who vanished in 1975. it comes pfter officers goo a tip that a body may have been buried there around the same time say the radar pcked up on something underneath this shed..... but the police chief is skep
are pouncing. romney was recorded at a fundraiser back in may &pgeneralizing obama voters as those dependent on government. he's a small portion of the tape obtained by mother jones magazine. romney in video: "mm job is not to worry abouttthose people. i'll never convince the" them."romney said 47 percent of the country pays no income tax--that's somewhat true. 46 percent of americans do not pay federal income tax.he went on to say those people will vote for the president regardless of his campaign. political scientists and data from the last election argue otherwise. dr. richard vatz, towson university: "it's not true. he'ssnot gonna lose all 47% of those votes. he ppobably shouldn't have said it. but, all of that said, what this is is just another distraction." diitraction."allison fraser, heritage foundation: 22.32.50 "at the same time, we have a growing number of americans who are receiving government programs." romney told reporters lastnight he was responding to question about he political process... and how his aim shouud be the independents who he says will decide the election in n
remains on theeloose. 3 prrsident obaaa and mitt romney ppesident obama and basically the same place aa the same ime's happening frequeetly - inn pact it's the third time this w. week.while... compete... for the same ...handful of statess.../ there's... employment..../craag &pboswell... reports... from washingtoo....// washington..../// one day afttr president obama across ohio the tww andidates hit hii republican rival hard - on his 47-percent hidden says: "this country ddesn't succeed when only the rich get richer. we succeed when the middle class gets bigger. whhn for all who strive to get into thh middle class." thee appparance comes as polls show battleground ssatee including the commonwealth. virginia's 13 electoral votes are kky to both campaigns. mitt romney follows his hio bus tour with a speechhatta virginia veterans event - romney says: "the idea of cutting oor military committment by a trillion dollars over thissdecade is witt today's drop in adjusted 359-thoussnd, hitting the president on jobb could prove difficult. less the two candidate
n mujeres quemaron banderas de estados unidos y fotografías del presidente barack obama >>> en beirut, el líder del hezbollá, instó a más protestas y dice que estados unidos lleve a juicio a los ofensores del islam. >>> mientras tanto el creador de la película ,continúa bajo la lupa de las autoridades de estados unidos, basley no tenía permitido el acceso a internet ni cambiar su identidad >>> el gobierno de irán dijo que localizará a los responsables de grabar el video, donde dicen que se burlan del profeta mahoma y más de 1500 millones de musulmanes en el mundo. >>> gracias, adriana, ahora pasando a otras informaciones, desmantelaron a dos bandas que secuestraban empresarios en ciudad de méxico, y una de sus integrantes es una adolescente de el paso, texas, la menor fue arrestada. >>> también confiscaron armas y vehículos en el operativo. >>> la violencia sigue causando problemas a los políticos mexicanos, donde dos políticos del pri fueron asesinados, jaime serrano, fue asesinado, mientras que eduardo castro luque fue asesinado en sonora. >>> al menos 17 cadáveres fueron h
... president obama... áacceptsá... his... party's nomination... for president..../ the... setting... is smaller... than... planned.../ because... bad weather... forced... the speech... inside....//. but... as... emily schmidt... reports, .../ the... politicaa stakes... are... still big. big. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 people around maayland are remembering art modell tonight. the former owner of the baltimore ravens died early this morning. morning.that leads us to our our question of the day. what will be art odell's legac? legacy? on our facebook page... ori says ""is legacy will be what he did for baltimore. plain and simple, he did so much how can yyu ick just one! i remember laughing cracking up.....and giving youth some advice to never give up! up! joey says "he'll be remembered for taking the browns out of cleveland. his legaay is everythhng he did to build the nfl intt the juggernaut it is into 1, player salary, and monday night football." go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ think.../. sound... off... thru... facebook.../. send.
navy seals...and a former air force pfficer.ppesident obama and secretary of state clinton delivered remarks.hear what the president had to say... ...and the latest on the violence at u-- less than 10 minutes on fox45 news at 5 p---g... county officials... are... so fed up ...with people vandalizing their speed they're... adding cameras... to... watch over... the cameras! county's... had... at least... six... vandalized... in recent months..../ so ... to... end this problem - // they've... added... a... security camera... on... top of a speed camera... in bowie...///.the... plan... is to add... about a dozen... more the end of the year! 0055 what thaa does is it photographs down at the base of the camera just to number one, record any activity of someone who may try to tamper with the camera and number two, try to dissuade someone from maybe doing that kind of thing 08 later at 5:30... we talk to officials in our area on whether thhy are considering following p-g county's lead. but first... here's... our ques
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15